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What is Market Intelligence?

Market Intelligence MazeEmbedded Market Forecasters conducts syndicated research that provides a view of the “forest” of the embedded world. The real question is what do you do with the information at hand? Along with the data, EMF provides the tools and expert analysis to turn the data into market intelligence. You can look at the results and draw correlations and conclusions. You can see the forest – but with the latest research dashboard tools, you can also see the trees.

Moreover, you can see relationships between the trees. For example, one can not only see what target OSes are developers are using, but one can also look simultaneously at many OSes to determine how many developers are on a project (and what types of developers), how many months it take from design start to shipment, what percentage is canceled and how many months the project runs before cancellation (same for designs completed behind or ahead of schedule). This is what Market Intelligence provides that Market Research does not.

What is Market Intelligence??

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