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Jerry and Dolores KrasnerWe wanted to take a moment to thank you for logging into our blog, let you know what we are planning to present over the next year, and to get your feedback as to what you consider important and are looking for.

For the past 14 years we have tracked the embedded marketplace via comprehensive surveys of embedded developers and managers and have published our findings to the vendors that supply your marketplace so that your needs and complaints are heard. Over the past 5 years we have separately surveyed developers that work for prime contractors and the military (with the same industry survey) in order to compare their development practices and design outcomes with the broader embedded marketplace.

Dolores and I want to share our findings and important discussions with those of you who are developing or managing embedded projects – as we want this to be a source of information that is important to your work. In return we want to have your feedback on the topics we cover (are we missing topics that you consider most important to your work) and perhaps to participate in some of our surveys.

Topics that we are looking to cover for you include:

  • Breaking news and what we and our colleagues think (for example Intel’s acquisition of Wind River, the Embedded Systems Conferences, etc.)
  • Medical device developments and how to best navigate the CDRH (including the new medical device legislation working its way through the US Senate). I have personally successfully filed over 20 510k applications and have taken two companies public
  • Reduced DoD funding and where you can best find opportunities within a severely shrinking budget
  • What your fellow developers and managers are reporting about their developments (for example what ARM developers report)
  • The truth behind embedded security – what does MILS and EAL conformance really mean, and why FIPS 140-2 isn’t being adopted

Please let us know if these topics are of interest and if we have missed any that can make your job easier. And don’t forget to monitor www.embeddedforecast.com for free white paper downloads and detailed reports at affordable costs.

Please take the EMF Quick Survey so that we know how best to cover the topics of most interest to you.


Jerry & Dolores

2 Responses to “EMI Blog Background”

  • Jerry,

    I just read your article “Making the case for commercial communication integration middleware” on embedded.com with interest. As a communications middleware vendor in the embedded market, I was of course intrigued. You mention RTI as a vendor of embedded middleware. I wonder if you are familiar with our CoreDX DDS product? It is an implementation of DDS, interoperable with RTI’s DDS product, compatible with the OMG DDS standard (API and wire-protocol), extensive Quality of Service support, and with a significantly smaller footprint than RTI’s product. (For comparison, a typical application linked with CoreDX DDS is 250KBytes vs 4+MBytes.)

    If you are interested, we would be happy to discuss our product in more detail. And, if you find yourself writing another article on embedded communications middleware, we would love to contribute or participate!

    –Clark Tucker
    Twin Oaks Computing, Inc

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