2012 EMF Survey of Embedded Developers: Where Developers get their Most Trusted Information – Comparing EMF Blog Readers Responses to those of the Industry Respondents

A special link was sent to our Blog readers asking them to take the 2012 EMF Survey of Embedded Developers so that we could compare their responses with respondents from the embedded industry to questions regarding where developers get their most trusted information and other factors in their decision making process.

This is a brief summary – a more detailed paper will be developed later.

First we asked the following important question: Which of the following resources do you find to be the most useful for researching the purchase of RTOSes or compilers, simulation tools, requirements management tools, product management and program management tools for your designs?

The responses were:

  Industry    Blog Readers
Co-workers 57.3% 52.7%
Industry publications 47.2% 52.7%
Vendors’ Web sites 42.3% 41.8%
White papers 42.3% 52.7%
Online forums 39.9% 56.4%
Conferences 37.1% 25.5%
Webinars 32.7% 21.8%
Vendors’ sales representatives 16.5% 7.3%
Wiki blogs 16.1% 23.6%
Other 2.8% 1.8%


Not surprisingly, online forums, white papers, industry pubs and co-workers were the leading source of information for our Blog readers, while vendor’s websites replaced online forums among industry respondents.

Second, we asked the following important question: In general, what characteristics are the most important to you in buying embedded products and tools?

The responses were:

  Industry Blog Readers
Price/cost/value of product 69.1% 73.2%
Ease of use of product 61.4% 58.9%
Quality and reliability of products 57.7% 60.7%
Compatibility of products 41.5% 35.7%
Technical support 37.8% 48.2%
Speed/performance of products 28.0% 21.4%
Reputation of supplier/vendor 16.7% 12.5%
Leading edge technology 15.9% 16.1%
Sales service and support 8.9% 7.1%
Personal trusted relationship to rep or support people 8.1% 7.1%
Ease of dealing with vendors’ processes 6.5% 1.8%
Other  1.6% 0.0%


The responses were similar with our Blog readers’ emphasizing technical support and the quality and reliability of products.

The third question was: As Cloud Computing and Machine to Machine computing become prevalent, how important is cloud enabled to your future embedded products purchases?

    Industry    Blog     Readers
  Critical 3.2% 8.9%
  Very important 7.3% 8.9%
  Somewhat important 19.4% 21.4%
  Not very important 23.0% 23.2%
  Not at all important 43.1% 35.7%
  Responsibility of another vendor 4.0% 1.8%


EMF believes that in the future Cloud computing will usher in a new and large market for embedded designs and technologies, it seems that our readers are far ahead of the industry in recognizing its importance.

The fourth question was: How important is brand awareness (prior knowledge of the reputation and quality of the brand or company) in your selection of an embedded product or tool?

    Industry Blog Readers  
  Critical 3.6% 7.0%  
  Very important 26.9% 22.8%  
  Somewhat important 45.8% 45.6%  
  Not very important 16.2% 17.5%  
  Not at all important 7.5% 7.0%  


The responses were basically the same – brand awareness is important.

In a paper to be developed later, we will look at branding issues in which we compare responses from developers that are aware of a vendor with those of developers that aren’t familiar with a vendor (such considerations as ranking on search engine, geographic location, and accessibility to a sales person and references from current customers).

These data can be crucial to vendor’s sales efforts.

For those of you that have sales or marketing responsibilities and would like to gain such insight, please contact me at jerry@embeddedforecast.com  (508-881-1850) and I’ll be glad to chat with you.

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